Covid Policy

Wine.....Yes, you can now come in and bottle your wine again with an appointment or if you are not comfortable coming into the store show up with your bottles at your appointment , wait in your car, we will fill your bottles, bring them outside and you can pay in the parking lot......Bags are still available at no cost if your prefer, we

will be doing most bag pickups outside to

limit how many people are in the store.

For wine pickups and orders

Call 519-250-8602 or

Beer....Yes, you can now come in with your

beer bottles or to can your beer with an


Mask must be worn at

all times and we ask you you bring

only 1 person to help package your order

KEGS-We will doing most keg

pickups outside to limit customers in store.

For beer appointments and orders

Call 519-250-8602 or

Supplies....Yes, you can now shop in store, but we will be limiting how many people we have in store. We prefer you to text, call or email your order

for supplies ahead of time for pickup if possible.

If you prefer to pickup outside, great, we will

bring your order to you and you can

pay outside.

For supplies please use or text/call



We are encouraging contactless payments

if possible. We love e-payments 

etransfer (  

We do take debit/credit with a portable machine

we can bring outside

We will always take $$Cash$$

Thank-you for your patience during this 

crazy time and thank-you for

 keeping everyone safe. If you have any 

questions or concerns, or would like to

make alternate arrangements

please let us know.