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CO2 Exchange Program

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We have teamed up with the good folks at

Phillips Fire suppression to bring you a quick & easy way to keep your CO2 tank filled and the beer flowing

Similar to the Propane exchange program that many of us are used to, the CO2 program will work in the same way. 

As long as your tank has a year left or more

before it needs a pressure test, you can exchange

your 5Lb or 10Lb tank with us, without

having to pay for a hydro test.

If you look at the example below, this will tell you

when your tank was originally stamped.

So the below tank is good till August 2022 

before needing a pressure test

***once you have exchanged a tank with us 

once, you will never need a pressure test

ever again***


5lb CO2 Exchange = $29.99
10lb CO2 Exchange = $39.99

Hydro Test = $29.99**

**1 time charge if your tank is expired or

has less than a year till expiry**

New Full 5lb CO2 Tank = $149.98
New Full 10lb CO2 Tank = $279.98

Empty 5lb tank = $119.99
Empty 10lb tank = $239.99

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