Beer List

Below is a list of Beers that can be made at Jakes,

Homebrewers checkout our Supplies page for a list of recipe kits

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All Beer takes

2 Weeks to produce!!!!

We do not stock extra beers,

so plan your

consumption accordingly


We were proud to win the  Windor Eats 2022 Masters of the Brewniverse
competition against many great beers and breweries.
Our Vanilla Ice Ice Latte won best beer and
the championship belt.
This delicious Stout is made with Vanilla, 
Coffee and a little dance mix.
Our winning brew is now available for order!!


New Brews

German Lager - What's better with fall fast approaching
than a good traditional German Lager. This clean, crisp
5% lagered beer will be a hit during football season and
for all your Oktoberfest events.

All Grain Brown Ale   A traditional, medium-bodied English style Brown Ale. Pleasantly roasted, mid-bodied malt profile with low hop flavour and aroma and moderate hop bitterness. Slight yeast-derived fruitiness.
5% abv.

All Grain Kolsch - This lagered ale is a clean, crisp light
tasting beer with low hops. 5%abv.

Best Sellers

MEXICAN LAGER - This is the beer that made us famous. All the great taste of your favourite Mexican beer without the skunky taste. This light bodied pale lager comes out at 4.6% ABV. Great with a lime on a hot summers day. 

DRAFT - This is similar to everyone’s favourite draft beer MGD. At 5% ABV it is a real smooth and easy to drink draught. This is our best selling beer in a keg.

SASQUATCH LAGER - This new beer is delicious.  Made with
only sasquatch hops grown by our friends at Redman Hop farm
in Ruthven Ontario. We are proud to be brewing this clean 5%
easy to drink lager. Think local, drink local. 

EURO - Classic Belgium lager with a great hop flavour. Similar to Stella Artois 5% ABV.

LAGER- Our best tasting 5% ABV lager beer. If you like to drink Canadian classic lagers you’ll love this one. It reflects the styles of Keiths and Canadian. It finishes smooth and is easy to drink

LIGHT- Our classic light lager. Easy to drink and smooth.
4.5% ABV. 

Super Lager - If you like your beer with a little more kick you’ll enjoy the super lager. All the same great flavor of the regular lager but with more body, flavour and kick. Finishes at 6% ABV.

Classic Recipes

Amber -A delicious year round brew that is medium bodied, lightly hopped with a malty finish and a nice rich amber/copper colour. A well balanced brew with a 5% ABV.

Irish Lager- Copper coloured beer 5% ABV, similar flavour to Harp. We can even make it green if you like.

Japanese Lager- This golden coloured Japanese lager is a great easy drinking warm weather favourite . If you like to drink Sapporo you will love this 5% ABV lager.

Aussie Lager- This pale coloured light/medium bodied Australian style beer goes down real easy. If you like to drink Fosters you will love this beer. Finishes at 5% ABV.

Carribean Lager- Easy to drink, refreshing Caribbean style lager reflects the style of Red Stripe. 5%

Summer Favourites

Light Lime Our classic light lager with a hint of Lime. Similar to Bud Light Lime.

Photo 2018-01-23, 8 06 08 AM.png

Ginger- We use only fresh ginger when making this brew which has turned into one of our new best sellers. A must try! 5% ABV.

Radler- A great summer favourite, this light beer has the refreshing taste of grapefruit added to it. 4.5%. This is a seasonal brew.

White Beer-Made with coriander and orange peel, this summer brew is similar to Rickards white or Blue Moon. Serve with a slice of orange on a hot summers day. 5% ABV. 

Summer Shandy-  Our summer  beer with a hint of lemonade already added, similar to Leinenkgals, a great lawnmowwe beer 5% 

Cherry Lager-  5% Lager beer, with the refreshing taste of all
natural Cherry 

European Styles

German Lager- Lager with a nice body and a crisp finishing hop flavour. 5% ABV

Dutch Lager- This globally popular beer reflects the styles of Grolsch and Heineken. It's a crisp golden lager with a smooth spicy hoppiness. Crisp distinct and delicious.5%abv.

Danish Pilsner- A golden coloured European pilsner. Similar taste to Tuborg 5% ABV

Czech Pilsner- Great body, flavour and hoppiness of a classic European pilsner. 5.5% ABV

Polish Lager- 5.5% clean crisp lager, light in colour and great hoppy finish. jak sie masz.

Dark Brews

Photo 2019-03-23, 3 35 10 PM.png

Irish Red- A wonderful light red brew made with brown sugar. A smooth and easy to drink brew with a 5% ABV.

Black Porter- Full, Dark, Powerful is the only way to describe this Porter, finishes at 6.8% 

Winter Ale - easy drinking brew that is amber to light
red in colour.  Smooth and refreshing with a hint of
vanilla, 5% alcohol.

Hoppier Brews

Beantown Lager- Boston's favourite lager has turned into one of our best sellers.  Similar to Sam Adams Boston Lager
5.5% ABV.   

Other Brews

Jalapeno-I dare you to try it!! Light, crisp beer, fermented with 1 pound of Jalapenos, hope you like the bite.

Candy Cane-A Holiday tradition here at Jakes, like it or hate it, you have to try this lager brewed with Candy Canes, it has a minty finish

All-Grain Brews

Our all-grain beer selections change based on the season and which local craft brewery we are working with.  All-grain beers have a very distinct clean crisp taste just like some of your favourite craft breweries.

All Grain Ultra Dry - A clean North American style wheat beer. Light straw colour and low hop bitterness. Refreshing and thirst quenching. Similar to Michelob Ultra and Sleimans Clear
ABV=4.5%    IBU = 9    

Vanilla Ice Ice Latte Stout - This great full bodied stout was the winning beer in Windsor Eats 'Masters of the Brewniverse competition!!! This delicious Stout is made with Vanilla, Coffee and a little dance mix!!

All Grain Blonde- A yellow coloured, crisp beer with a genuine lager yeast. This is a true all-malt lager brewed with no adjuncts.
ABV = 5%   IBU = 11 

All Grain Continental Pilsner - A balanced, well rounded, golden European style lager with a noticeable hop profile and all malt character.
ABV = 5.2%    IBU = 23    

All Grain Cream Ale- A medium bodied, slightly fruity, North American ale style. Deep golden colour with a delicate hop aroma and flavour. A smooth and easy drinking beer style.
ABV = 4.7%     IBU = 13     

New England IPA-This extremely juicy IPA is bursting at the seams with tropical and citrus hop flavour. This beer has less perceived bitterness than traditional IPAs, but has a huge amount of late hop additions which lends the ‘juicy’ character for which this style is known.

Low bitterness but intense hop flavour and aroma. That's what this beer is all about.

ABV = 6.2%     IBU = 40     

West Coast IPA-One to please the hop lovers, this rich, full bodied golden ale is bursting with hop aroma and flavour. Citrus, pine and floral notes – in true West Coast style.
ABV = 6.5%     IBU = 46      

Apple Cider

Our Apple based cider is a nice alternative to 

beer or wine.  These can be carbonated and put into

beer bottles, pet bottles, kegs or cans.

This 23 litre batch can be made at any sweetness level

that you like.  If we make it as is, it is somewhere between

a Sommersby and a Strongbow for sweetness but

we can make it sweeter or drier based on your taste.

$79 tax included for 23 litres

takes 5 weeks to produce

$79 tax included for 23 litres

takes 5 weeks to produce

+$10 tax included to include cans,

it will produce 47 x 473ml tallboy cans

Checkout the BrewTalk Podcast

Hosted by the Hopshoppe's Eric
Robert, this podcast features
brewers from the Windsor/Essex 

Click the logo to check it out
on Youtube or it's also
available on Spotify also


Storing your beer

The beer that is made at Jakes is all natural and not pasteurized so we recommend that you keep your brew refrigerated at all times.  It will keep for a short period unrefrigerated as long as it is still stored cool.  

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Packaging your Beer

You can bottle your beer in almost any style bottle. Bring in your own glass bottles, plastic bottles or purchase reusable plastic 500ml bottles from us.

Click here to checkout your bottle options.

 We now also have the option to can your beer in "Tallboys" (473ml cans) on our premises using the Cask canning system.

We have caps and cappers to fit almost every style bottle and you never have to pay extra for caps.  If you are going to save bottles for your beer please be sure to rinse them out right away as mold will grow quickly in your bottles.

We do have KEGS for you to put your beer in for parties, special events and home kegerators. We can also supply all the necessary equipment for dispensing your keg beer for your special event.

There is $50 deposit on both full kegs of beer and half kegs of beer.

We have hand pumps available to rent for no cost and  a $50 refundable deposit if you get your kegs from Jakes. If you get your kegs elsewhere, we will rent you a hand pump for $60 and you will get $50 back when you return us the pump. There is a limited number of cooler systems available for dispensing kegs, please inquire for pricing and availability.

Jake's also sells complete home kegerator kits and parts which are all available in-store'.