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All-grain, extract or custom beer 

recipes needs to be sent to us

by 9:00am for same day pickup

You can call/text 226-348-4677 or


Kegging Supplies

Jake's is the place for all you kegging needs!!  Whether your looking for a brand new complete Kegerator or looking to build a setup to fit your fridge, we have all the parts and pieces you may need for commercial setups and homebrew setups..  We have replacement parts, washers, and cleaning equipment to keep your setup running smoothly. Below is a sampling of what we carry, stop by and checkout our full supply.

Keg Dispensing

Hand Pump

$15 rental + $50 deposit

free rental if you get your keg from us

Insignia complete, new, single Tap Kegerator

-For commercial kegs and beer brewed at Jakes
-includes 5Lb Co2 tank, drip tray, wheels
-we will build it for you in store pressure test,
put CO2 in the tank and give you a
Jakes Brew pitcher


Complete Setups


Refrigerator Conversion Kit w/ 5lb CO2
for commercial kegs = $389
Hombrew Conversion Kit w/ 5lb CO2
for corny kegs = $279

CO2 Tank 5lb = $119.99
CO2 Tank 10lb = $239.99

 2 gauge = $84.99
Dual pressure = $149.99
We have Replacement Gauges + Regulator Guards



Sanke 'D' = $44.99

European couplers also available, along

with replacement parts for all

Drip Trays

Mounted or Table-top


Photo 2019-03-21, 7 59 57 AM.jpg


Basic $24.99, Stainless $34.99

Intertap $44.99

We also have auto shutoffs, faucet locks,

Stout spouts, replacement parts & cleaning plugs




For through the fridge or for your tower

We also have tail pieces, washers and nuts



Single tap $79-$129

Double Tap $139-$169

Cooling fan tower kit $44.99


Corny Kegs 5Gallon Ball Lock
New $129.99
2.5 Gallon New $109

24.5 Litre Mammoth Corny Keg

We also have quick connects for ball/pin lock kegs, hosing, hose clamps, picnic taps & more

Beer Line Cleaning kit
Kit includes everything need to 
keep your kegerator working
in great condition
watch our beer line cleaning video
We have replacement washers and seals 
for most kegerators along with beer tap handles,
faucet plugs and caps
We also carry our recommended cleaner 
PBW by the pound



Don't forget to make your

Keg beer at Jakes!!

checkout our full beer menu

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