Distilling Products

Home distillation is easy, affordable and very popular.  Not sure where to start? We can show you how to make your own spirits at home at a fraction of retail prices.  Below are some of our more popular items, please stop by and checkout our full selection.

**please make sure distilling is legal where you live**


Airstill $299


Boiler $289

Stainless column $310

Copper column $360

Alembic Dome w/condenser$459

Airstill Rental

$20 for the weekend

Please book ahead

Distillers Starter kit $49.99

contains everything you need to start distilling except for the still

Includes a free Airstill rental!


Top Shelf Spirit Essence = $5.99

Top shelf sprit essence will flavour 3 x 750ml bottles. Many varieties to choose from, Vodka, Rye Tequilla, Rum and many more

Top Shelf Liqueur Essence = $4.99

Top shelf Liqueur Essence will flavour a 1.125L (60oz) bottle.

Many varieties choose from, Schnapps, Cream liqueurs, Sambucas, 

Amaretto & many more.

Each bottle is to be used in conjuction with a sugar base pack

Icon Liqueurs = $6.99

These premium bases flavour a 750ml bottle

No extra sugar required, just add the pack and enjoy

Many great favourites including Coconut Rum, Black Sambuca,

Cafelua, Lemoncello & many more

Still Spirits Classic Flavourings = $8.99

These premium flavourings will let you make up 2.25litres

of your favourite spirits

Dark Rum, Vodka, Tennessee Bourbon, London Gin

& Shamrock Whiskey are just a few of the great flavours

Classic 8 Turbo = $6.99

Fast Turbo = $7.99

Pure Turbo = $7.99

LQ Super X-press = $9.99

Red Star Dady = $14.99

Wine yeast 5g = $0.99

Vodka Yeast = $5.99

Rum Yeast = $5.99

Whiskey Yeast = $5.99

Turbo Carbon = $3.99

Turbo Clear = $2.99

Yeast & More

We also carry

Carbon Filters--Corn Mills

Amylase Enzyme--Oak Chips

Barley--Flaked Corn

Rye & much more

Click this link to checkout our

video on how to make a

Sugar Wash