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A fundraiser for the
Canadian Cancer Society by
Jakes Windsor Brew,
Walkerville Brewery &
Craftheads Brewery

How it started

Brewer Jeffrey Craig of Jakes Windsor Brew & Walkerville Brewery had a passion for craft beer. When he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 he did not let it stop him from doing what he loved. Using his science background and support from friends at Craft Heads Brewing Company and Walkerville Brewery, he collaborated on a beer featuring dandelions as a main ingredient to help in the fight against cancer.

Jakes Brew is honoured to be part of this annual fundraiser this year and thank-you  for your support.


The fine n dandy project has a little extra meaning for us this year at Jakes Windsor Brew. Eric who works in the Hop shoppe lost his wife, Victoria, December 27th 2021. We are honored to be a part of this project in her memory.


Victoria had a passion for dogs and was a decorated trainer, receiving numerous awards with her 3 Australian shepherds. She had many hobbies, one of which included brewing. So to honour her, we've brewed up Jeff's original recipe and will be donating 100% of the proceeds to cancer.


How can you help?

Stop by Jakes and pickup a delicious bottle of Fine n Dandy beer in 

a beautiful blue 500ml  bottle or a 375ml bottle of delicious White Zinfandel wine. They are $6 each, and all $6 dollars will

be donated to the Canadian Cancer society. Walkerville Brewery and 

Craftheads Brewery will also be raising money, checkout out their

websites for more information.

Community Impact

The Fine n' Dandy project continues to be an annual traditional! To date, we have raised a grand total of $16,838.53 towards the Canadian Cancer Society and Windsor Cancer Foundation. We thank all of our loyal customers and community for their continual support year after year!

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