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Chemicals & Cleaners

Recommended Sanitizers

Star San

8oz $13.99 16oz $24.99, 32oz $39.99

Iostar 4oz $4.99

Pottasium Metabisulphite

200g $3.00 1kg $11.99

Recommended Cleaners

PBW-Powdered Brewery Wash

1lb $7.49, 2lb $13.99

great for clean your kegerator

Choloroclean 'that Pink stuff'

1kg $9.99


Wine related Additives

Campden tablets (50) $3.99

Wine Conditioner 500g $4.99

We also stock Citric acid, Pottasium sorbate, acid blend, yeast energizer, yeast nutrient,wine tanin,

potassium bicarbonate,

gypsum, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, pottasium sorbate, kiesesol, fining gelatin, sodium metabisulphite, toasted oak chips & powedered oak

Turbo Clear 2 part clearer


Beer Related Additives

Irish Moss, Whirlfoc tablets,

yeast nutrient, yeast energizer, beer heading powder, white labs clarity ferm, gypsum, burton water salts, turbo clear & more

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