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All-grain, extract or custom beer 

recipes needs to be sent to us

by 9:00am for same day pickup

You can call/text 226-348-4677 or


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Kit Special for
$5 off our 

Mexican or
Pale Ale
All Grain or Extract

Above is some of our favourite beer recipes available for all-grain and extract brewers. These kits are weighed out from fresh hops, grains and malt to order and come with complete instructions. All prices are tax included but not include the cost of your yeast. Don't see anything you like? feel free to bring us in any recipe you have and we will do our best to weigh out the ingredients for you.

All-grain brewing instructions  

Extract Brewing instructions

Let us get your order ready for pickup!!!

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Festa Brew

23 Litre

All-Grain Beer kits

For the first time, the fresh flavour excellence of commercial quality all grain beer is possible in home beermaking.

Festa Brew pasteurized, ready-to-use wort provides superior results in the simplest possible way.

  • No more mixing concentrated “hopped” malt “syrup” with water and yeast to initiate fermentation.

  • No boiling and cooling steps.

  • No need to set up a complicated equipment intensive all-grain process.

  • No need to add water or buffer chemicals.

The key to Festa Brew fresh-pasteurized wort is that it is brewed and prepared from fresh malted barley, hops and water in a state of the art brew house. The result is a microbrewery quality wort, ready to use without dilution. Just follow the clear and concise instructions for great tasting premium craft-style beer. All you need to do is add the yeast (provided), ferment, prime with sugar, bottle or keg and enjoy!

Blonde Ale**Dry**

Continental Pilsner**Cream Ale**

$49.99 tax included

West Coast IPA**Double Oatmeal Stout**

New England IPA

$54.99 tax included

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Pre-Measured Kits

All of our Canned and pouch kits are pre-hopped, include instructions and yeast.  These complete kits make 23litres of beer and great for the beginner or for a quick brewday.  Prices range from $23.99-$25.99 tax included.  Kits do require either Dextrose or Dry/Liquid malt to be made to the correct instructions.

Coopers Original Kits $23.99


Dark Ale****Stout

Real Ale

Coopers International Kits $24.99

European Lager

English Bitter

Australian Pale Ale

Mexican Cerveza

Coopers Premium Kits $24.99


IPA-India Pale 


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