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Limited Release
Wayne Gretzky Whiskey Barrel

In a WInexpert, Jakes Windsor Brew first we are pleased to present

this unique new collaboration.

This full-bodied premium, 8 week red wine is steeped

in Whiskey barrels from

the Wayne Gretzky winery and distillery.

The Cabernet-Syrah-Zinfandel blend with grape skins is only

available for limited time so don't miss your chance to get some

of this unique wine.

To make our limited quantity of this wine available to more

customers we will offering it in 15 and 30 bottle batches.

15 bottle batch = $99
30 bottle batch = $194
make at home price = $139

Price includes
tax, labels & shrink wraps

This wont last long, reserve
yours today!!!

for more information
click the PDF below

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